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Yunfu City: Hotel, Restaurant, Airport Bus, Travel


How to come to Yunfu:

By Guangzhou Airport Shuttle Bus:

There is a Shuttle Bus from Guangzhou Airport to Yunfu City downtown, 2 hours drive.

From the Yunfu Shuttle Bus terminal, 15 minutes drive to our factory.

Fees: around RMB 80 per person ( around 12 USD )


Drive a car from Guangzhou Canton Fair to Yunfu:

It's 2 hours drive, all are high way.


Drive from Shenzhen City to Yunfu city:

It's 3 hours drive.


From HongKong to Yunfu city:

first from HongKong come to Shenzhen or Guangzhou, and then come to Yunfu City.




Trimph Hotel ( 4 star ), around RMB 350 per day ( around USD 55 )

It's at the downtown of Yunfu city. 3 minutes walk from the Airport Bus station

15 minutes drive to our factory.




Muslim restaurant:

as far as we know, there seems no professional high class Muslim restaurant at Yunfu city downtown. We can only find a small noodle Muslim restaurant. At this restaurant, rice also available. But this restaurant is like a fast food style. It is very near the Shuttle Bus station(1 minute walk) , and 5 minutes walk from the Trimph Hotel which we mentioned above.


Westen style restaurant:

at Yunfu down town, several of them. You can find one of them just opposite to the Airport Shuttle Bus Station.


Japanese style restaurant:

several of them. One is inside Trimph Hotel which is mentioned above.




How to Make a Phone Call:


Call a Chinese Mobile Phone number:

When you are at China, for example you just call our Vice GM ( in charge of sales ) mobile number: 13926275028. If you are at oversea, you shall dial: +86-13926275028 or 0086-13926275028


Call a Yunfu city Telephone number:

When you are at Yunfu China, for example you just call our Telephone number: 8866648

If you are at China but not at Yunfu city, you shall put the region code of Yunfu city: 0766-8866648

If you are at overseas, you shall dial: +86-766-8866648 or 0086-766-8866648


Useful number at China:

Call Police emergeny: 110

Call Hospital emergency: 120

Call Fire emergency: 119

China Mobile Company Service Hotline:  10086

China Telecom Company Service Hotline: 10000





Come to Martin, we show you around : )






Contact Detail:

ATO Stone Company Limited


Mobile/Wechat/Whatsapp: +8613926275028 ( Most Preferred )
( Martin, GM for purchase and exportation)

Office Tel / Fax: +86-766-8866648

Slab Warehouse Address: inside Stone World Market, Yunfu City, China

Stockyard Address for blocks: Yuncheng District, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province, China