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Business Cooperation Opportunities


We invite international businessmen to evaluate the below opportunities with us.

These possible projects can be dependant or independant with ATO Stone Company.


1. Joint Venture IT Company

We are planning to create a webstie platform base on a new joint-venture company, concerning stone business.

For the stones our factory do not do, we can promote it for customers. Why we can success:

1) During our company selling marbles to local Chinese projects, we accumulate lots of buyers information.
We can push our customers products to the local Chinese buyers.
2) We understand the local potential advertisement customers

If you have good IT knowhow, we can think about creating a joint-venture IT company.
We can create this company outside of China so that joint-venture is much easier.


2. Financial Leasing business

Cooperate with stone machine supplier, to do Financial Leasing in China, especially at Yunfu City

Financial institution cooperator also welcome.


3. Cooperate to buy blocks

Buy blocks from local China and from the world. Store at Yunfu city.


4. Land Business

Cooperate with investers, buy land at Yunfu city.


5. Stone Marketing

- We help quarry owner to promote their quarry in China.

- Sole Agent business in China.


6. Pre-IPO Investment

Invest in shares on Prominent companies


7. Creat a company targeting for IPO

Mainly companies base on internet, whose business model being easy to duplicate and expand.


please contact Martin by email:

We can meet at Yunfu city or Guangzhou city of China.



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Contact Detail:

ATO Stone Company Limited


Mobile/Wechat/Whatsapp: +8613926275028 ( Most Preferred )
( Martin, GM for purchase and exportation)

Office Tel / Fax: +86-766-8866648

Slab Warehouse Address: inside Stone World Market, Yunfu City, China

Stockyard Address for blocks: Yuncheng District, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province, China