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Profile of Martin LEE:

Martin is in charge of international business in ATO Company, both buying, selling, projects, as well as cooperation with international companies. Personal profiles as below:


+ Bachelor Degree in Economics, Master degree in Management

+ Know English, French, Japanese, Chinese language

+ Know stone block selection method

+ Know slab producing tech

+ Operated stone Import , Export , L/C

+ Experience in creating Joint Venture Companies in China from green field

+ Experience in Management : Head of Chinese team more than 50 persons, international project team leader

+ Experience in Chinese laws and regulation: Able to create law documents in Chinese and English

+ Build Website 100% copy right, SEO tech , Database and programming

+ Able to make English Keywords listed in Google page 1 or 2, Chinese keywords listed in Baidu page 1 or 2

+ Local Yunfu family and Guangzhou, good relationship with government



We are good partner for your business in China.

Welcome to contact us for stone business cooperation.







Contact Detail:

ATO Stone Company Limited


Mobile/Wechat/Whatsapp: +8613926275028 ( Most Preferred )
( Martin, GM for purchase and exportation)

Office Tel / Fax: +86-766-8866648

Slab Warehouse Address: inside Stone World Market, Yunfu City, China

Stockyard Address for blocks: Yuncheng District, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province, China